Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Muscle Imbalances Revealed - Upper Body 2.0 Review

How many of you have dealt with nagging upper body injuries or have had clients that are dealing with these issues?  Upper body injuries are very common, but many times these injuries can be improved with intelligent programming.   To correct these issues you need to have an understanding of the underlying dysfunctions.  For example, if you have elbow pain then most likely you need to address your shoulder/scapular dysfunction and do not need to look at your elbow for a solution.  The site of pain is usually not the problem.

So how do we figure out the underlying dysfunctions of an injury/pain?  YOU GET SMART!  You read and listen to great resources on the topic.

One such resource that I highly recommend to prevent and/or treat upper body imbalances is Muscle Imbalances Revealed Upper Body 2.0 (MIRU)

Muscle Imbalances Revealed Upper Body is eight presentations from smart guys like Dean Somerset, Dr. Jeff Cubos, Tony Gentilcore, and Rick Kaselj.  This product was released several months back, but they are re-launching it today and it is being offered for 47% off the original price!!

The new version contains more exercises, more assessments, and physical DVDs (not just lectures over the web) based on buyer feedback.  There will also be additional bonuses including two coaching calls that they did with buyers of the original MIRU, Dean Somerset's Top 7 Core Exercises, a 4 minute dynamic upper body warm-up video along with a guide, a mobility med ball workout, and a video for manual therapists on different ways of releasing the upper body.


I had a chance to watch MIRU over the weekend, and it has some great information that covers a lot of common upper body injuries and how to deal with them.  It has some geeky stuff like properties of fascia (Dean Somerset did a great job with this) and some basic functional anatomy, which is very important.  However,  it does not just provide you with nerdy facts (although this would still be cool with me) - it goes into detail about how to apply that stuff.  In fact, one of the things I liked most about this product was the amount of exercises that it covers in detail and explains when and why you should use them.  It is never a bad thing to add more tools to your toolbox - just know why you are using them when you decide to do so.

Another good reason to check this product out is that you can earn continuing education units/credits (CEUs or CECs).  For many people, the recertification period is coming up and it is important to get enough continuing education to renew your cert.

So go get your learn on!!  You can learn more about the product and buy it here, Muscle Imbalances Revealed - Upper Body 2.0, for 47% off the original price!

Have a great week everyone!  I will be back soon with some good content I have been working on.

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