Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Review of Mike Robertson's Complete Core Fitness

Today, I want to tell all of you about an awesome product that is launching today by Mike Robertson titled, Complete Core Fitness.  I just finished reviewing it and it is filled with great information!  If you have any interest in improving the way you go about training your and/or your clients' core then this product is a must!

In this product, Mike covers everything from the functional anatomy (which he is able to make practical and understandable-he does not just talk about the function of the muscle), assessment tools to determine if your and/or your client's core is functioning well, and exercise progressions and regressions to progress core training appropriately. 

Whenever I first started this site, my goal was to provide insights into my first years as a strength coach.  I wanted to provide information to new coaches just getting started in the field, those that were interested in the field, as well as current trainers and people who just enjoy learning about health and fitness.  I knew that there would be a lot of things learned in my first years training people, which there have been, and I wanted to share those things with others.

One of the biggest influences, if not the biggest influence, on me as a coach has been my current boss and friend Mike Robertson.  When I first started out as an intern at IFAST (the gym I work at and that Mike Robertson co-owns), I was a little scared because I did not have a formal degree in an exercise-related field.  However, Mike assured me that I would be fine as long as I could get along with people-he said he would then teach me the rest.

The reason I am telling you all of this is because, after a year and a half working under Mike, I have learned so, so much in a such a short period of time from him.  He is able to make even the most complicated things seem simple.  He often takes difficult topics and builds a simple and systematic approach to help his audience understand them.  This is why I think that anyone, not just people with an exercise-related degree, can benefit from many of Mike's products.  

When I first get an intern, they often ask me what they should read or watch.  The first products I often point them to are Mike's because I believe that they are the most practical and easy to understand.  Complete Core Fitness is no different.  It is another product that will be high on my list of recommendations.

So go check it out and get smart!!  You will receive access to the videos and material as soon as you make the purchase, which is another awesome feature!


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